Delivery information and COVID FAQ

Can I still order from your site and be delivered ?

Yes, you can place your orders on Our deliveries are made so no risk of direct contact.

Shipping and delivery times may be delayed depending on the region/country of delivery. However, the situation is constantly evolving given the air restrictions and delivery restrictions in the countries.

Normal delay for:

  • United Kingdom : 5 working days
  • Australia : 15 working days
  • New Zealand: 15 working days

Delay at this time :

  • United Kingdom : 10 working days
  • Australia : 20 working days
  • New Zealand: 20 working days

You can track your order here.

Why are delivery times impacted ?

Mylis ProHair : Decrease in the number of handlers in our warehouses because of the sanitary measures put in place. + 1 working days

Carrier : delivery from the factory to our warehouses + 2 working days

Postal distribution : office closures, fewer visits to certain departments / regions, slower logistics at sorting centers + 2 working days

Can i track my order ?

Yes. After your order, you will receive an email with an order tracking link. You will also receive an email informing you of the shipment of your order as well as all the information necessary to be able to track your package.

Can i still contact you ?

Yes, we are always here for you. We will answer all your questions and advise you by email or on the LIVE CHAT

Health precautions for parcel delivery:

For larger packages, it is recommended that the delivery person follow these steps :

notify the customer of his arrival by knocking or ringing the bell;

leave the package on the doorstep;

immediately move away a minimum of one meter before the customer opens the door;

do not collect a handwritten signature but ensure from a distance that the package has been received by the customer.

The customer, for his part, must wait a few seconds before opening the door, in order to allow the delivery person to move away from it.

We will update this article regularly with the latest information messages received from our partners.