Thank's to the baby bath seat

Thank's to the baby bath seat

Baby bath time? It's a real party! It's hard to get a little one out of the tub when he likes water, he could spend hours there! The swim ring is a good way to keep him seated in complete safety, without any risk of him slipping in the water, while washing but also to have fun and splash around with his toys.

What exactly is a bath seat?

As soon as Baby is seated on his own, and not before, the bath seat welcomes him and allows him to stay in the water safely (of course, this seat does not exempt the parent from remaining vigilant, next to Babe). The bath seat often takes over from the bath lounger, which is suitable for babies from birth to around 6 months. Bath seats can be used until the baby is around 18 months old.

bathing baby

In order to ensure a very stable seat and a comfortable position for Baby, the bath seat is fixed to the bottom of the bathtub by a system of suction cups (for most models). It is equipped with a tab at the crotch which prevents Baby from slipping and going under the ring. When the bath is finished, the seat can be easily removed to store in a corner of the bathroom. Bath seats are usually made of plastic and they dry automatically on their own. On the maintenance side, it's simple, just rinse it with water after each use to avoid the slightest mold.

The advantages of bath seats

The bath chair is not an essential accessory, it is super practical and reassuring. Baby is not at risk of falling or bumping into the walls of the tub and we keep our hands free to paddle together in the water!