Why the bedtime ritual is important

Why the bedtime ritual is important

During his first months, baby will sleep a lot. A 3-month-old baby sleeps on average 14h to 17h per day ... During the first weeks, your little one is not yet adjusted to a day / night rhythm but to that of his intrauterine life, where naturally this differentiation was impossible. Before the baby is three months old, it is therefore above all the link between sleep and hunger that punctuates his days.

However, you can start giving him some cues. To fall asleep, a baby needs to be soothed. And if he knows what to expect, he'll be more relaxed. This is why setting up a daily bedtime routine is necessary. Even if it is very small, it is always good to establish a "routine" quickly. Regularity in the course of the days is always beneficial for baby's sleep: not only does it make it safer, but it will also allow him to gradually differentiate day and night.

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Once your baby is about six to eight months old, you can begin to set up your ritual each night with nursery rhymes, songs, with our TEDDYDREAM. These recurring moments, which he will gradually anticipate, will help him develop good sleep habits. Do not skip this step under the pretext of some emergency.

Methods for setting up a bedtime ritual

And now ... how do we do it? Rest assured, the routine is put in place naturally, little by little, and often follows three steps: determining which routine corresponds to you and your baby, by testing his reactions, his desires, then measuring how long it takes. takes to anticipate bedtime and finally ... repeat it daily! The parents are real actors in the choice of the ritual.

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Being a ritual, it is predictive of the moment of separation from bedtime: it is identifiable by the child and therefore reassuring. This ritual must however be short (about 15 minutes, otherwise it becomes an activity in its own right). This can result in the reading of stories, songs, hugs ...  Our SLEEPSTARS will help your baby to peacefully sleep . Whatever you choose, it must be a quiet time that is not going to turn the child on.