Mixed breastfeeding : How to do ?

Mixed breastfeeding : How to do ?

If you do not have enough milk to breastfeed Baby, or if you are returning to work but still want to continue breastfeeding, you may be interested in the principle of mixed breastfeeding! We enlighten you.

What is mixed breastfeeding?

Mixed breastfeeding is the process of gently alternating feedings from your little one with the bottle. This way, you get your loulou used to other ways of feeding and working his sucking. If the baby can be disturbed by this new method of feeding - since in the bottle, the milk is given continuously while at the breast it arrives in a random flow - it is important to take care to respect his rhythm well by keeping rituals of feedings, especially in the morning and evening with cuddles, of course. And, gradually, your baby will wean himself from breast milk.

Mixed baby feeding: an ideal compromise

For women who do not want to choose between breastfeeding and bottle feeding, mixed feeding then appears to be an ideal compromise. This feeding method is particularly suitable if the mother has to return to work before the baby is six months old, and leave him in care for part of the day. Likewise, mixed breastfeeding is also handy if the mom just wants to go out one night, or resume some activity. "We recommend giving hypoallergenic milk to accompany breast milk because it is purified," says pediatrician Véronique Baltaksé. Mixed feeding is also a way to continue breastfeeding once a day as a cuddling ritual, in the evening for example.


So that the transition to this new feeding method goes smoothly for Baby, we design you to use our EasyBib which will allow baby to adapt to his rhythm. Our EasyBib allows a perfect transition between breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

And dad will also be able to help you in this big step for your baby.

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