Your child will soon be turning 6 months old

Your child will soon be turning 6 months old

Baby starts to look at your plate differently and doesn't want his bottle anymore? Is he almost 6 months old? Know that you will be able to start gently diversifying Baby's diet to meet his physiological needs. Very often, it is the pediatricians who give the green light, but above all, listen carefully to your baby, he will signal you when the time comes.

Start food diversification slowly

The nutritional intake of the 6-month-old baby's diet must be high while respecting his current needs. Be careful not to choose vegetables with too complex flavors, or desserts loaded with different fruits, otherwise he will balk at the dishes. The key to success is to take it step by step! This is why we have developed TUTYFRUTY, the tut that will allow baby to taste at his own pace your new dishes made with love.

dessert for baby

Foods to favor during baby's 6 months

To start the vegetable introduction, opt for dishes with only one vegetable, so that baby associates its taste and texture well. Homemade mashed potatoes or carrots are great for a start, for example, and are easy to enjoy. Also note that the potato is your best friend! It is a very good accompaniment to discovering new vegetables, such as tomato or zucchini for example. In short, think of all the vegetables with simple and sweet tastes and make a nice dish. To facilitate this transition to baby, we advise you to put your compotes in Squeeze Bag using our SQUEEZMASTER.

home made baby food

Diversify baby's diet to awaken his taste buds

Once baby's food diversification is completely done, consider diversifying your dishes! This is because your baby will eventually get tired of eating mashed potatoes every day. So also opt for a little more elaborate dishes! Carrot and milk velouté, lentil velouté, mini strawberry charlotte, banana mousse, greedy peas puree ... Do not hesitate to offer the same foods in different shapes and textures. Indeed, in the baby's plate is very often played its awakening but also its attraction for the novelty. Intrigued by the presentation of your dish, little one can only appreciate the flavor and have fun discovering new tastes!

Also, it is interesting to start putting spices in your dishes, to awaken your taste buds as you go. Cinnamon in applesauce is a very good example. The same goes for orange blossom, with which you can make very good yoghurts for 6 month old babies.