Save water: educate children about bath time

Save water: educate children about bath time

Bath and toilet time is an opportunity to educate your little one about the preservation of an essential resource of our planet: water. Here are some tips for giving your toddler the right reflexes. Now at home, we say stop wasting!

Saving water: a new mission for mothers

At a time when natural resources are becoming scarce, making your child aware of ecological issues is gradually becoming a new mission for parents. By mimicking your behavior, your toddler will adopt the right reflexes!

With simple words, you can, for example, teach him that water is a scarce commodity and that it is an essential source of life for plants, animals as well as all men and women on the planet!

You can also mention the fact that drinking water flows through the tap here, but this is not the case in all countries. Hence the importance of not wasting it.

Saving water: simple actions to adopt while having fun

For the bath, let him participate. To associate ecology with sharing, do not hesitate, if it is large enough, to put it to work by letting it run its bath itself. Under your supervision, his challenge will be to be careful not to overfill the bathtub use our WATERDAM.

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The trick to help him change his habits: imagine games to set up in the shower (recognize the different scents of toiletries, play with the foam).

We adopt the same reflexes at all times of the toilet. While brushing his teeth, explain to him that the tap must be turned off. Likewise, when your little one washes his hands. Rub well yes, but with the tap closed! Next to the sink, you can permanently leave a cloth towel to dry your hands, it is more ecological and just as effective as a paper towel.

Finally, explain to him that using organic and natural toiletries also helps to conserve water resources. The chemical ingredients reduced to a minimum and the ingredients from organic farming, which make up its shower gel, moisturizer or shampoo, help preserve the quality of the water and the joys of washing! And when the bottle is empty, head to the sorting bin to be recycled!